Etna has several faces and as many souls. The geological aspect marries with the volcanic. The extraordinary biodiversity of its special ecosystem evokes emotions linked to the contemplation of fauna and flora.

The traces of humanity, of today and yesteryear, tell the story of a strong, constant link between man and nature. Discover in this section how to browse through and explore the different spirits of the mountain.

Since the time of legends, Etna has been a land both travelled and inhabited. By gods, heros and demi-gods. Still today, having the right to step onto it is very important. That is why some of the inhabitants decided to group together to form a network. So, in 2014, the “responsible network” EtnaRe was born, with the goal of finding a common value and restoring the beauty of the mountain, while preserving its treasures and giving access to those who, with the greatest respect, want to explore it. A network open to all who want to explore our magnificent volcano with curiosity and respect. A network made up of people and their stories, built with love and devotion to their land. Enter to read their stories.


What is a landscape if not its story? What is a look without eyes that see? This section is dedicated to the stories of the mountain, told by its actors or visitors able to see and hear them. Emotions experienced and transmitted in their raw state, experiences to hear about and, perhaps, to have.


This section offers experiential packages and routes on Etna. Off the beaten track, enjoy authentic and thematic experiences, discovering the different spirits of the mountain, as well as those less common or well known. The common denominator in all these itineraries is the human factor; your guides who marry professionalism and warmth, the fruit of solid roots and a sincere love of their land.